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Portsmouth, Ohio

Southern Ohio Museum
Edmund J. Kricker Gallery
May 3 - July 2, 2005

An unusual and exciting opportunity to enjoy the representational ceramic and hammered metal sculpture of Ohio-born artist John Cavanaugh (1921-1985).

John Cavanaugh

Master of hammered lead sculpture returns to Ohio
Two powerful retrospectives of the nationally recognized Ohio artist

Small Scale Works

Ohio State University's
Hopkins Hall Gallery

On the OSU Campus
January 18—28, 2005
Opening – January 18, 2005, 5pm—7pm

Major Retrospective

Columbus Cultural Arts Center
139 West Main Street – Columbus, Ohio 43215
January 23—April 7, 2005
Opening – January 23, 2005, 3pm—5pm

Major Retrospective will immediately be moved and open at the Southern Ohio Museum in Portsmouth, Ohio – June, 2005